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The CEDC recognizes that every Coloradan deserves access to resources and the opportunity to thrive.

When we mention target markets and stakeholders we commonly think of governments, businesses, nonprofits, investors, accelerators, and universities. The CEDC recognizes that every Coloradan deserves access to resources and the opportunity to thrive regardless of who they are or where they come from. An effort will be made to engage stakeholders in both rural and urban regions of the state who have historically been under-represented in economic development initiatives or who struggle to achieve environmental justice. This includes:

Disparities in opportunity exist across Colorado and the CEDC will make every attempt at leveling the playing field as it relates to building and growing circular economies. A driving force of the CEDC’s marketing and outreach will focus on embracing these groups and individuals to help inform where we can drive economic development and circularity in a way that maximizes the triple bottom line. 

We recognize the importance of diverse perspectives, and our team is committed to making circular economies accessible to everyone.

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Satellite Offices

Colorado Springs

Coordinator: Alicia Archibald

Office Address (by appt only):
704 East Boulder Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Grand Junction

Coordinator: Mike Ritter

Office Address:
Business Incubator Center
2591 Legacy Way
Grand Junction, CO 81503