Homegrown Circularity

The CEDC is focused on expanding and creating end markets, engaging stakeholders statewide and analyzing markets and supply chains, including transportation and manufacturing, to show how materials flow within Colorado and regionally.

Along the way, we’ve met several local businesses that have already implemented successful circular economy solutions here in Colorado. Here are a few.


Tech Wears takes parts from certified electronics recyclers and designs and manufactures jewelry and collectable art from recycled circuit boards. Tech Wears was founded 10 years ago in Colorado Springs. They are perhaps most famous for their circuit-board ties!


Trash Panda takes plastic waste and makes 100% recycled plastic disc golf discs. Trash Panda closes the loop by collecting the discs they made and making them into brand new discs. Trash Panda started in 2020 out of a garage in Littleton. They are disc golfers who love planet Earth.

Repair and Reuse

Tersus Solutions extends the life of textiles by providing cleaning, repair and replacement services for major brands and using elements of end-of-life garments to create unique upcycled garments. Tersus Solutions was founded in 2009 in Denver with a mission of building a better CO2 textile cleaning machine.