December 5, 2023    
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Who can attend?
This event is designed for CU Denver faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the Denver sustainable and regenerative business community is also welcome and encouraged to attend.

In Person or Remote

Jake Jabs Event Center
1st Floor, CU Denver Business School
1475 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80202

Zoom link for optional remote participation provided after RSVP

5:00pm: Networking and Refreshments
5:30pm: Sustainable Supply Chains and Circularity Panel Discussion
6:30pm: Adjournment

Panel Overview
An exploration of the intricate relationship between waste and supply chains, two critical aspects of modern global industry. Distinguished experts from both academia and practice will come together to analyze the multifaceted challenges posed by global supply chains and the subsequent generation of waste. The discourse will delve into strategies aimed at optimizing supply chain efficiency while concurrently addressing environmental concerns, emphasizing the need for sustainable practices and circular economy models. Our panelists will discuss thought-provoking takes on innovative technologies, policy frameworks and actions to minimize waste generation, enhance resource utilization, and foster a greener, more resilient global supply chain network. The discussion will underscore the undeniable link between supply chain management and responsible waste reductions, sparking a renewed commitment to driving positive change at both local and global scales.


  • Dr. Nivedita Biyani, Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory | Arizona State University
  • Yasmin Foster, Supply Chain Delivery Manager, IBM | CU Denver MS IB Alumni
  • Laurie Johnson, CEO and Founder, Circular Colorado
  • Megan Jorgensen, Sustainability Maven – Eco-Products | SBAC Chair
  • Christie Pettys, Product Standards Manager – Food, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage | SBAC Member

Dr. Robert Hobbins, University of Colorado Denver Business School

Please RSVP using this link by Friday December 1, 2023 to attend either in-person or remotely. We encourage everyone to attend in-person where possible. In-person registration is limited and will close once we reach capacity.