January 17, 2024    
9:00 am - 10:00 am

How Can We Build Circular Supply Chains?

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is hosting a webinar January 17 to discuss the white paper, “Building a circular supply chain,” with guests from the Circular Supply Chain Network and Association for Supply Chain Management.

Recent geopolitical shocks and economic uncertainties have highlighted the need for resilient supply chains. As we move away from a take, make, waste linear model, the circular economy offers businesses the opportunity to redesign their supply chains to meet these needs, as well as reduce costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

This white paper — Building a circular supply chain — and accompanying fact sheet, produced in collaboration with the Circular Supply Chain Network, explains what circular supply chains are, the benefits and challenges in implementing them, and how supply chain leaders can transition their organisation’s supply chain from linear to circular.

Join the webinar on LinkedIn Live