April 30, 2024    
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

CEDC Northern Front Range Stakeholder Meeting

Focus on Construction & Demolition

This CEDC stakeholder meeting is in Longmont.

There is significant interest in finding circular economy solutions for a variety of construction and demolition materials since the most popular end-of-life solution for many of these materials is the landfill.

Participants will help identify material-specific strategies for establishing new business opportunities that can serve Colorado’s efforts to create a more circular economy.

  • Learn about actual or potential circularity solutions in the region
  • Explore connections that can be made among stakeholders to advance circularity
  • Identify how the CEDC can help you

In addition to providing stakeholder input, participants will hear from key players in the sector.

Maure Creager, CertainTeed-Saint Gobain
Maure is the circular economy and product stewardship manager at CertainTeed and will provide an overview of a promising new solution for asphalt shingle waste in Colorado and highlight other ways that CertainTeed-Saint Gobain is leading the way in developing circular economy solutions.

Anna Perks, Perks Deconstruction
Anna owns and operates Perks Deconstruction which provides deconstruction and demolition services for residential and commercial properties in the Denver/Boulder Metro area. She will share some key insights on the state of the Front Range’s deconstruction industry.

Katie Bond, Colorado State University
Katie is a graduate student with the Colorado State University Institute for the Built Environment. Katie will share highlights from her research showing how construction methods contribute to a circular economy, with a particular emphasis on wood framing waste generation in both modular construction and traditional, site-built construction.

We hope you can attend the event in person. If not, there will be an option to join virtually and listen to the discussion. A recording and summary notes from the meeting will be available to all registrants.